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All About 'Me'

Welcome to Me — the latest feature in your Roczen app.

Keep track of your progress, health measurements and highlights by exploring this new area of the app. Let’s take a look at what’s included…

Submitting your measures

Going forward, anything you are looking to keep track of can be found and recorded in the app. Whether it’s staying up to date with your weight submissions, monitoring your blood pressure, or keeping a mood journal - all can be done from the Overview section.

Simply tap Add Entry on any of the measurement modules to get started.

And don’t worry - any measurements that your clinician has submitted so far will already be there when you open the app.

Health highlights

As part of this new feature we have introduced Highlights. We feel it is important to recognise and celebrate key health milestones and effort, so as you progress you will start to see highlights appearing as you record your submissions.

Keep an eye out in the Overview section for them landing.

Health reminders

It is important for monitoring your progress that we take readings at key points in your plan.

For this reason we have introduced Reminders that will let you know when upcoming measurements are due. Any readings that are due can be found in the Tasks area of the app.

You can also customise your notification preferences in the Settings section.

Customise your experience

No two people are exactly alike. We want to make sure you can fit the Roczen app around you and your individual needs. Weight progress most important to you? Blood pressure your top priority? No problem. Re-arrange or display the modules to your preference by tapping the customise measurements button.

We also know that everyone takes measurements in their own way, feel free to select your preferred units from the Settings section.

December 6, 2023
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