Hollow Rock Hold

Level 3

Foundations of Movement II

What will this movement help with?

  • Improves posture
  • Improves spinal health
  • Reduces the chances of lower back pain and injury
  • Helps develop mobility in the upper body and arms

Muscles worked

  • Abdominals (your core/tummy muscles)


We’re coming down to the floor for this one so you may want a mat, a towel or even a jumper to lie on


Up To 30 Seconds

Step 1

Sit down on the floor with your knees bent, feet just wider than hip width apart and only your heels on the floor

Step 2

Brace your tummy and pull it in towards your spine

Step 3

Put your hands behind your hips to help you balance and lift your feet off the floor

Step 4

If this feels ok remove your hands and try to balance (you can always put them down again)

Step 5

If this still feels ok, extend your legs and body away from each other as much as possible (even if it’s for a short moment)

Step 6

Hold this position for as long as you can up to a maximum of 30 seconds


  • Keep your glutes squeezed and your tummy braced at all times
  • Make sure your knees stay in line with your hips and don’t cross your feet
  • If this movement hurts your back, please consult a physio before proceeding

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