Tricep Dips

Level 3

Foundations of Movement II

What will this movement help with?

  • Any 'pushing' movements such as pushing a trolly, closing a door or moving furniture
  • Will strengthen your shoulders and helps prevent shoulder injuries
  • General upper body strength

Muscles worked

  • Triceps (back of your arms)
  • Deltoids (your shoulder muscles)


You need a chair to lean on for this movement


On Chair | 10-15 Repetitions

Step 1

Sit on your chair with your hands shoulder width apart on the edge (you might be sitting on your hands which is fine)

Step 2

Brace your tummy like someone is going to poke your stomach and keep your shoulders back with your chest up

Step 3

Keeping your elbows pointing straight back behind you, walk your feet away from the chair so your hips are in front of the chair. Keep your feet hip width apart

Step 4

Bend your elbows as to approximately 90 degrees (you might not manage this first time) and lower your hips straight down the front of the chair

Step 5

Straighten your arms to 'push' the chair down and return to your starting position. Don’t lock your elbows

Step 6

If this feels ok, move your feet slightly further away from the chair but still lower your body directly down the chair. Otherwise keep your feet straight down from your knees

Step 7

Repeat the whole movement


  • Make sure your elbows remain pointing straight behind you - if they move wider than shoulder width or narrower than shoulder width you won’t be using the correct muscles
  • Keep your body close to the chair - if you’re moving away from the chair you won’t be using the correct muscles

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