Shoulder Taps

Level 2

Foundations of Movement

What will this movement help with?

  • Will strengthen your shoulders and helps prevent shoulder injuries which can be caused due to both activity or inactivity
  • ‘Pushing’ and ‘pulling’ movements such as pushing a trolly or picking up shopping bags
  • General upper body strength

Muscles worked

  • Triceps (back of your arms)
  • Deltoids (your shoulder muscles)
  • Latissimus dosi (your upper back muscles)
  • Abdominals (your core/tummy muscles)


You need a chair to lean on for this movement


On Chair | 10-16 Repetitions

Step 1

Kneel on the floor with your hands just wider than shoulder width apart on the edge of your chair

Step 2

Brace your tummy like someone is going to poke your stomach and keep your shoulders back with your chest up

Step 3

Keeping your arms straight but not ‘locked’ at the elbows, take your right hand and ‘tap’ it to your left shoulder. Return your hand to the chair

Step 4

Repeat but this time take your left hand and ‘tap’ it to your right shoulder. Return your hand to the chairIf this feels ok, straighten your body and come up onto your feet rather than your knees. Keep your feet just wider than hip width apart (or a comfortable distance for you)

Step 5

Repeat the initial movement on your feet ‘tapping’ your opposite shoulders


  • The wider your knees/feet are the easier it is as you’re making a wider base for support
  • This same movement can also be done on a wall rather than a chair

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