Quad Stretch

Level 1

Warm Up & Mobility

What will this movement help with?

  • Warming up your quads and the front of your legs
  • This movement is particularly important if you have any type of knee pain. Now while this isn’t always the case in all knee pain or knee injuries often, if the muscles at the front of the legs are tight, they pull on the knee joint and cause pain.

Muscles worked

  • Quads (the front of your legs)


You might want a chair, wall or similar for this movement



Step 1

Hold onto your chair, wall or similar at your side and keep your feet just wider than hip width apart (or a comfortable distance for you)

Step 2

Brace your tummy like someone is going to poke your stomach and keep your shoulders back with your chest up

Step 3

Standing on one leg (keep it straight but don’t lock out your knee), lift the other leg behind you and hold it in towards your bum

Step 4

There are a few options here…

  1. Hold your foot with your hand

  2. Hold your foot using your trouser leg, sock or shoe laces
  3. Hold your foot using a loop like a jumper, belt or band
  4. Hold your foot by leaning the top of it against something (e.g. the back of a sofa and push your bent leg towards the sofa)

Step 5

You should feel a stretch in the front of your bent leg

Step 6

Hold this for 10-15 seconds then relax and return to your starting position

Step 7

Repeat on your other leg


  • You should always get checked out by your doctor or physio if you do have knee pain

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