Hip Openers

Level 1

Warm Up & Mobility

What will this movement help with?

  • Warming up your hips, glutes and sides of your legs
  • This is similar to the previous movement but uses even more muscles, making sure your lower body is warm and ready to move!

Muscles worked

  • Glutes (your bum)
  • Psoas (your hips)
  • Abductor & Adductors (outside & inside of your legs)


You might want a chair, wall or similar for this movement



Step 1

Hold onto your chair, wall or similar at your side and keep your feet just wider than hip width apart (or a comfortable distance for you)

Step 2

Brace your tummy like someone is going to poke your stomach and keep your shoulders back with your chest up

Step 3

With your weight in your heels, squeeze your glutes (your bum) and lift one leg  up in front of you with your knee bent (only as high as is comfortable)

Step 4

Move this knee out to your side as wide as is comfortable and then return in to your starting position. You’ve now created a ‘rotating’ movement

Step 5

Repeat this movement, making sure to squeeze your glutes

Step 6

Repeat on your other leg


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