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At Roczen, we recognise the power of connection and shared experiences in the journey toward better health. Your Roczen Group is more than just a messaging channel; it's a dynamic community designed to offer professional support, foster meaningful conversations, and harness the collective wisdom of our community.

What Are Roczen Groups?

Groups are the Mentor led, peer support  messaging channels within the Roczen Clinic and Mobile Apps. They connect Mentors, Champions and Patients to one another, allowing them to interact via written messages and receive carefully selected articles and resources. 

Groups represent togetherness and balance, life and community. Conversation is the heart of a Group and flows through its members. The symbol for Groups is an interpretation of a Taijitu with a conversation icon (at its centre) and represents layers of participants.

Roczen Groups are spaces for open-mindedness and collaboration. As shown in the open circle of the Groups symbology, the Groups are always open to new ideas and to learning from each other.

Groups will typically contain:

  • 1x Mentor
  • 1x Champion
  • 25-50x Patients

Purposeful Grouping for Shared Journeys

Groups are not just about conversations; they are a structured platform for engaging in Mentoring discussions and receiving support. Patients are grouped based on their programme start date, fostering a sense of community where members embark on similar health journeys and share common learning needs and objectives. This allows for relevant discussions that celebrate successes, share struggles, and provide invaluable insights.

Mentors play a pivotal role, ensuring the relevance of discussions by sharing information and content tailored to the Group's phase in the program.

Guided by compassion

Every Group is led by a named Mentor dedicated to facilitating group discussions, providing stage-specific support, and responding to Patient questions. In some cases, guest Mentors may assist, ensuring continuous support even during the Mentor's absence.

What to Expect as a Roczen Group Member

As a member of a Roczen Group, you can anticipate:

  • Peer to Peer Interaction: Engage with 25 to 50 peers at similar stages in their health journeys in a supportive and informative environment.
  • Ongoing Support: Immediate access to your Mentor and Group upon joining for timely support and guidance.
  • Personalised Guidance: Tailored advice considering your unique health goals, challenges, and progress.
  • Empathy and Understanding: A sense of belonging, compassionate listening, and unwavering support from your Mentor, Champion and fellow Patients.
  • Informative Discussions: Structured discussions on weekly topics to systematically cover essential Roczen program subjects.
  • Community Building: A constructive space to share experiences, insights, and questions, fostering a sense of community and trust.
  • Relevant Content: Articles and information written by our expert clinicians, to empower you with the knowledge, skills and tools you need to succeed on your journey towards better metabolic health. 
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: A commitment to respecting your privacy and maintaining strict confidentiality.
  • Live Webinars: Access to monthly webinars hosted by Mentors and Champions, giving you an opportunity to ‘meet’ your Group and equipping you with the tools you need  to take control of your health.
  • Empowerment: Groups provide valuable support, knowledge, tools and a deeper understanding of key Roczen and health related topics, helping you to achieve your personal goals and make the most of your journey towards improved metabolic health. 

Groups Opening Hours

Group channels are open to Patients 08:30 - 17:30 Monday to Friday, excluding  Bank Holidays. 


Research shows that peer to peer support can be incredibly valuable in making, and sustaining, lifestyle change. A 2020 study even showed that peer support groups can be critical in achieving successful weight loss1. Whilst your Clinician and your Mentor are key parts of your Roczen journey, it is your peers who will be sharing similar experiences and are likely to be striving towards similar goals. Peer group support has also been shown to have significant positive emotional benefit2 , enhancing participants' wellbeing. The messaging element of Groups means that patients can engage at a time to suit them, removing the constraints of our busy schedules and demands. Crucially, groups provide a supportive environment, empowering participants to make meaningful lifestyle changes3, 

February 12, 2024
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